Charles Gagnon: Mon amie, Emilie Dickinson (série PDF)

printemps 2015 :


Mon amie, Emilie Dickinson (série PDF)

Ce travail assemble des images choisies, et produites à ma table de travail. Les variations matérielles qui les informaient existent maintenant en tant qu’impressions ; impressions parmi les choses rencontrées en marchant le long de la rue. Ces fichiers PDF (portable document format) sont imprimés pour les passants. Cette œuvre entretient une correspondance avec le travail d’Emily Dickinson, ainsi que celui de Susan Howe. Des textes voyageant sur terre et dans le temps.

My friend, Emily Dickinson (PDF series)

This piece brings together a series of images produced, and culled from my worktable. Initially existing in various medias, they have been assembled to now occupy these windows as printing. They are prints amongst things, seen as one walks by on the street. This is an aspect of art that interests me, its placement amongst other objects. These PDF (portable document format) are printed for the passer by. This work is one of correspondence with the works of two poets, Emily Dickinson, and Susan Howe. Travelling texts, through land, and through time.

I mourn this morning, Susie, that I have no sweet sunset to gild a page for you, nor any bay so blue – not even a chamber way up in the sky, as your’s is, to give me thoughts of heaven, which I would give to you. You know I must write you, down, down, in the terrestrial; no sunset here, no stars; not even a bit of twilight which I may poeticize – and send you! Yet Susie, there will be romance in the letter ride to you – think of the hills and the dales, and the rivers it will pass over, and the drivers and conductors who will hurry it on to you; and wont that make a poem such as can ne’ver be written? [Emily Dickinson]


Charles Gagnon est un artiste interdisciplinaire, et un enseignant. Il s’intéresse aux sens, principalement la sonorité et la tactilité des choses. Son travail est souvent exposé en des lieux de passages, tel la bibliothèque, le corridor, et le disquaire.

Charles Gagnon is an interdisciplinary artist, and a teacher. His work is concerned with the senses, principally the sonorous and the tactile of things. The work is often shown in public space such as a library, a hallway, and a record store.